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SRHS Class of '08

Let's Pretend Like Freshmen Matter

Southridge High School Class of 2008!
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I'm going to preface this with a rule that will be restated later, but its important: FILL OUT THE APPLICATION!!!

This here community was started as an idea by Callie, then was shot down by Denis, but then Denis admitted that he was being a loser, so they got Kevin and thus this came into being. All of a sudden, out of no where Liz did the spiffy HTML.

This is basically a forum for all Class of '08 Southridge students to talk.

So here are the rules:
1) You have to go to Southridge. and preferably be a freshman.
2) You have to fill out the application and send it to either Kevin, Denis or me (Callie). If you know us rather well, maybe you can be an exception. If we deem you fit enough to join, you're in.
3) To be accepted, you have to have resonable music taste. It's cool if you listen to some lame music (see Denis and Kevin for definition of lame), but as long as it's balanced out we don't care. Just don't be some Teen Pop Sensation. Okay? If you want, you can disregard this rule, as it only refers to good friends of the mods. Because Kevin, Denis, and Callie all regard music in the highest...regards...we take offense to people who don't see it our way.
4) Once you're in, don't be a jerk. Don't trash people who go to our school. Teachers are fine. Just don't trash kids. It's not cool. We'll kick you out.
5) Use an lj-cut to put photos and extremely long posts in, for the poor souls still in the world of dial-up.

Part 1 ::The Basics::

Part 2 ::About yourself::
What classes are you currently taking at southridge?:
Who is your favorite teacher?:
Who do you like to hang out with?:
What kind of music are you into?:

Part 3 ::Favorites::
Favorite band?:
Favorite movie?:
Favorite food?:

Part 4 ::More about yourself::
What sports do you do?:
Do you play an instrument?:
Do you know Callie, Denis, or Kevin?:
If so why are they cool?:

Give a closing statement:

Fill that out and email it to guitarmaniac955@hotmail.com, and once youve been approved, copy and paste your application into the community so others can know who you are.