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Part 1 ::The Basics::

Name: Amy M.
Age: 15
Location: Scappoose {Long story}

Part 2 ::About yourself::

What classes are you currently taking at southridge?: NONE. Because it is SUMMER.

Who is your favorite teacher?: Non-existent. ...Maybe Mr.Willis.
Who do you like to hang out with?: Friends? AKA: Shelby, Elizabeth, Megan, Amanda, ANYONE WHO TALKS TO ME. I'm not mean. I SWEAR.
What kind of music are you into?: Everything. Except blue-grass, country, rap, most hip-hop, and most pop.

More specifically; Rock. Classical. Musicals.

Part 3 ::Favorites::

Favorite band?: Can't pick one...: A Perfect Circle, From Autumn To Ashes, The Dresden Dolls, Veruca Salt, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday... Mindless Self Indulgence I can't stop listening to their CD today..

Favorite movie?: Fight Club, Beauty and The Beast, Eternal Sunshine For The Spotless Mind. Any. Disney. Movie. {Unless it's a sequal. Those always suck.}
Favorite food?: Sushi. Or Cheese Pizza. OR Cashew Shrimp.

Part 4 ::More about yourself::

What sports do you do?: I don't "do" Any. But I do LIKE; Hockey, Lacrosse and so on.
Do you play an instrument?: Barely. {Electric Bass Guitar}
Do you know Callie, Denis, or Kevin?: Uhh... Yes. Used to be friends with Callie in the 6th grade; Didn't talk to her at all this year. Denis was in my Science class...? And... I know Kevin from around.
If so why are they cool?: I wouldn't know.
Give a closing statement:

What? Do you people think I'm creative or something?

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