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hmm...TA DA!!!

Part 1 ::The Basics::
Name:Kimberly Odien
Age:14(15 in march)

Part 2 ::About yourself::
What classes are you currently taking at southridge?: hmm..the basics and PE
Who is your favorite teacher?:Jauvorek,the aging rockstar
Who do you like to hang out with?:amanda, the guys, all o' you whos i know
What kind of music are you into?:The oldstuff,rock mostly, of course the marley's

Part 3 ::Favorites::
Favorite band?:Pink Floyd
Favorite movie?:Drop Dead Fred
Favorite food?:Sesame Beef with those crispy foam noodles

Part 4 ::More about yourself::
What sports do you do?:hockey
Do you play an instrument?:i wish...i try at guitar and fail
Do you know Callie, Denis, or Kevin?:maybe..i know who you are..but you dont know me..creepy
If so why are they cool?:i hear denis is a grand guitar player
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