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Part 1 ::The Basics::
Name: Mark marko marcus marky munro
Age: filppin 14
Location: british indian ocean territory, jk PDX, aka portland that doesnt mean the airport kev...

Part 2 ::About yourself::
What classes are you currently taking at southridge?: Lit and Comp, World Civ, Geometry, Student Government, Science B

Who is your favorite teacher?: Bellis or westendorf
Who do you like to hang out with?: I like hanging out w\ pretty much everyone, um jenny, callie, liz, kyle, daniel, etc the lunch crew, the french crew its pretty basic
What kind of music are you into?: I guess you could say like sorta indie rock, or emo alternitive stuff

Part 3 ::Favorites::
Favorite band?: the killers, or franz ferdinand
Favorite movie?: the breakfast club is frikin awesome, but the aviator is my most recent one ...
Favorite food?: frikin ravoli in vodka sauce, or buffalo wings, or chinese food like egg rolls

Part 4 ::More about yourself::
What sports do you do?: Cross Country and Track
Do you play an instrument?: nada
Do you know Callie, Denis, or Kevin?: yes all of em
If so why are they cool?: they r all frikin original and have excellent music choice, but callie needs to stay for high school

Bottom Line- Im awesome when ya get to know me?
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