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the thing about me


Part 1 ::The Basics::
Name: Denis o course
Age: 15
Location: the town in which was named after a mammal who likes to build dams...yes thats right Beaverville

Part 2 ::About yourself::
What classes are you currently taking at southridge?: intro to business, caps (oh yes isnt that hardcore), lit comp, world civ, geometry
Who is your favorite teacher?: shephard and westendorf
Who do you like to hang out with?: your mom...and some other friends like kevin, oh and chris if he still lived in oregon
What kind of music are you into?: rock mainly, anything except hokey country stuff and rap

Part 3 ::Favorites::
Favorite band?: at the moment: Pearl Jam all-time: Red Hot Chili Peppers/John Frusciante
Favorite movie?: Office Space, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, all that good stuff, actually The Usual Suspects, although ive only seen it once, it was so good
Favorite food?: italian-pasta, pizza, mainly pasta though

Part 4 ::More about yourself::
What sports do you do?: baseball and soccer, although i missed tryouts this year
Do you play an instrument?: guitar (acoustic and electric even though it doesnt make a difference), piano somewhat, im going to learn bass and drums once time allows
Do you know Callie, Denis, or Kevin?: maybe i do and maybe i do, ill need a little to refresh my memory *motions for 20 dollar bribe*
If so why are they cool?: because im way too cool and they know me. my coolness rubs off on them.

Give a closing statement: Red Hot Chili Peppers own you and your mother
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